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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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are coming in, winds are picking up in oakland, not too much to the but i expect that as the front edges closer. increasing clouds and rain begins into early thursday, over an inch much rain and i think this trend will continue, get ready for some rain to move in. the wind will pick up, cooler for all, it could be mounting on the on the other side, 60s all over. here is sal. we have a commute that really has not woken up, this is a look at 880 westbound and it is a nice drive from vallejo to oakland. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and drive time is 10 minutes or less getting into san francisco. if you are driving in the bay
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area, we don't have a lot of slow traffic coming into the livermore valley, let's go back to the desk. a driver has been arrested after a crash that killed a motorcycle rider. tara is live near the scene with the affect this crash could have have. >> reporter: we are about a block and a half from where this deadly accident happened. you can see police have this road cordoned off and they say it will remain closed through the morning rush showers. this crash happened between a vehicle and motorcycle shortly after 1:00 this morning. the motorcyclist period dead at the scene -- was dead at the scene and they have arrested the driver. they will close the intersection until 7:00 this
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morning or 7:30 and obviously that will be impacting the morning commute. no word on who the victim is or who the driver is and there is a public information officer and we are hoping to glean that information on to you shortly. tara news ktvu morning news. >> apparently somebody hit a pole and more than 1200 customers lost power at the height of the outage. pour is expected to be -- power is expected to be restored this morning. it happened at 1:00 this morning. you can see the water gushing down the street there. nobody was hurt and the driver was detained at the scene. happening today, members of
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the national guard will join the search. 1,400 people have -- 14 people have died and several are unaccounted for 55 miles northeast of seattle. rescuers are trying to confirm reports on who may have lived and worked in the town to get the exact number of people. there were other small slides that came through. >> my neighbor's house and their neighbor's house was taken out and they have collapsed. >> close to 30 homes were destroyed by the massive slide. 15-foot long 4400 feet wide. they have had double the rain fall in the past few days and the wet weather likely stricterred the slide. they are sending three volunteers to help with the
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relief efforts. more than a dozen firefighters are also responding to the disaster area. the firefighters are trained in search and rescue operations and will help move the huge amount of rubble that is application kateing the recovery effort. a man is waiting to hear whether his son and daughter in- law survived that slide. >> i am hoping to pick up the phone. >> his son was home when it hit and has not heard from them. they are serving as a navel commander and others are helping with the search and said they have found remnants of his uniform and his sword in the mud. and a man is in critical condition after being shot in richmond. he was found near bore man park. the man is in his 20s and was shot multiple times.
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a dark car was seen speeding away from the scene. this comes after the city's first two homicides of the year. last thursday a woman was shot and killed and a day later a 24- year-old man was also shot and killed. today they will send out extra officers to the surrounding neighborhoods warning people about an increase in robberies. it comes after richmond police say they have taken 18 riders in the last two and a half months. robbers seems to be targeting many who are not paying attention to their surroundings. >> victims are distracted by some sort of device or they are wearing ear buds and as they walk on they are being followed a block or two and then they are robbed away from the station. >> robbers have taken cash, credit cards and jewelry. most have been in the late evening hours. developing news out of
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norfolk virginia where two people were killed. a spokesperson for the bay said a male sailor was shot and killed. it happened on the navel destroyer. a civilian was killed by the base security and they say it's not clear if that shooter had permission to be on board the ship. the bay which is the largest installation in the world is now on lockdown but has returned to regular operation. also happening today they will hold a town meeting to discuss a deadly officer involved shooting. they met last night for a candle light vigil at the heights park. that is where they shot and killed them friday night. officers say they were forced to open fire after he pointed a gun at them but friends say they don't believe he was carrying a weapon. >> he was a peaceful beautiful
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man, a community volunteer, he was a security guard. they seem to be painting him as if he was out here causing trouble. i do not believe that is the case. >> now we have learned he was accused of attacking a man with a taser but an attorney said he was never arrested. as we earnings inned, we will discuss it the shooting at a town hall meeting tonight. it was at leonard flynn chavez street. body cameras are being tested by the sonoma county sheriff's office. last night they were able to take a look at the devices and asked deputies how the information was stored. the goal is to have all patrol deputies whering them at the
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everybody of the year. they played a tense standoff. s.w.a.t. teams sealed off a home after receiving a 911 call yesterday evening. the woman living there called police after spotting two men inside her house. she immediately left but still found a way to see what was going out inside her home. >> she used her smart phone to check her surveillance video system and was able to see what she thought was two individuals whom she did not recognize inside her home. >> police ordered people inside to stay inside during the standoff. they are searching for the two men they spotted inside her home. janine dela vega will have a live report coming up. and a bullet was meant for somebody else.
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the 14-year-old was shot in the arm while walking home from school yesterday afternoon. a man began firing at a car driving by. people came to help him and he said i am hit so i went into the house and got a towel and wrapped him up and i called his mother and she was really messed up so i tried to comfort her. >> the gunman is african- american 5-foot 10 with long braided black hair. now the car he was shotting at was a small dark compact. the boy who was shot spent a few hours at the hospital before going home with his family. time now 4:39, the largest provider is making more cuts because of the drought. the santa clara water district announced they will only provide 80% of the drinking
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water requested for those in 1.5 million homes. now the affected cities will have to make up for this and urge people to conserve water. coming up at the 5:00 hour the new campaign launch to protect children from online predators. and another year, another phone when apple is expected to release its new iphone 6. traffic is doing well around the bay area. and it looks good getting up to highway 17 and we will tell you more about the entire south bay commute including 101. >> if you want to bark at the crescent moon, do it early. we will tell you about the timing coming up. when i was living without insurance, it was very scary.
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. welcome back, caltrans has decided to speed up demolition on the caltrans bridge. it is focused on opening the new span and the extra money will take the section down faster and as part of the first phase, they have decided to split the mid-span and expected the demolition to take about three years. and we have new information on the missing airlines jet. china is demanding that satellite data is used to conclude 307 was lost with no survivors. today search planes were pulled out of the area because of bad weather. after yesterday's announcement, the search has been called off in the northern corridor and is only focused in the southern corridor, still experts say it is a large area. >> we are not searching for a
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needle in a haystack. >> they marched to the malaysiaian embassy in beijing and want proof it crashed there. among them, 153 were chinese. police kept the crowd from entering the grounds. general motors enters new ignition switches. they knew there was also a problem with where the switches were located. they claim gm can bump them to the accessory switches. the lawsuit was filed in the names of 13 car owners some say here in california. a man accused of raping a woman while on duty has made his first court appearance. he escorted her to a hotel and waited for another officer to leave and then raped her.
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they say the woman is undocumented immigrant who spoke limited english. officer graves did wave his rights to a preliminary hearing. >> i want to assure them we will handle this like any other case. >> if convicted, he faces 8 years in prison and he is currently out on bail and has been ordered not to contact the victim and to surrender his gun. this morning the alameda county testified in sacramento about the need to process a huge backlog of so called huge rape kits. they have been made to speed it up and they are currently sitting in crime labs across california. nancy skipper has introduced
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legislation to have rape kits. and in orderthey are doing this -- they are doing this -- they are doing this in order to speed up the process. quarter sized tar balls have been discovered on the beaches. the channel is one of the nation's busiest sea ports. they are now drifting out of the channel into the gulf of mexico. after years of concern, they will test every home on treasure island for radioactivity. it comes after they dug up a small fragment back in january. small pieces were found in recent years and they will take place in several occupied homes. it is from the decontamination of ships and the painting of dials and ships with glow in
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the dark paint years ago. let's go back to sal. there is one big problem in fremont affecting traffic? >> yes, that intersection is blocked right now, pam, it's still lightly traveled but we will have another live report from the scene coming up and later on in the morning it could be a traffic issue but it is not. let's talk about the commute on 880 north and southbound as you drive passed the coliseum. also on westbound 80, not 580, this traffic is light and if you are driving on 580, as i started to say 580 looks good and not a meaning problem but things tend to change quickly.
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this looks to be a series of storms beginning to move in early next week. there is rain on the north coast and it is clear already by some and by 7:00 we'll see mostly cloudy skies to the north and some sun east and south and there could be some drizzle on the coast. maybe the rain will begin by 3:00 or 4:00 and by the noon hour, our system is moving in and we are a lining ourselves -- aligning ourselves. the key is coming in behind that impressive jetstream and that will give a round of possible thunderstorms tomorrow and enhance some of those rainfall rates. the cloud will increase it waiting for them to move in unless there is a drizzle. wewe have a ways to go, increasing droughts, 030s and
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40s and i don't expect it to last very lack. fairfield, 17 miles per hour and some. higher areas rains are on the way and probably into early thursday but some decent amounts all the way north. 29 up in lake tahoe and that doesn't start until 3:00. increasing clouds and there and there will be some sun. 50s to near 70 degrees. morgan hill maybe one until the clouds roll in. some rain on thursday, a break friday and it does look like another system moves in on saturday and another break on sunday.
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a new study shows a link between her stress level and her ability to get pregnant. there are many reasons a woman may not be able to conceive but there are women with higher levels of the stress end same will not be able to get pregnant. the new study may help those live ago healthy style may help increase fertility. pam, it is time for a new phone. just saying. >> oh gosh, i know. >> now it is likely the iphone 6 will come out before the end of the september and they believe it will have a 5.5-inch screen and that will be a new
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feature. they already have the larger screens. >> i don't like the bigger phones. >> at least get a 5. >> all right. >> tracking down the suspect. new video of a shooting that injured eight people in san francisco. >> and a scary scene for drivers on interstate 880, what forced them to shut down in both directions of the highway for several hours.
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. now take a look at that, they caught another scary multi- car accident and chp said it was caused by drivers rubber necking to look at the other accident scene. it is unknown how many people were injured. traffic was shut down for several hours. san francisco police continue to search for suspects in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. ktvu channel 2 news has obtained exclusive video. it shows a silver sedan pulling up to the corner. a man in a white t-shirt gets up and walks into the crowd. he then opens fire before jumping back into the car. youyou can see people falling to the ground and diving for cover.
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many people say this gun violence is nothing new. >> you just got to be careful for the company you keep around here. >> did you hear the gunshots? >> yes, i heard. >> how many shots did you hear? >> a lot of them, it was scary. >> the gunman was arguing with another man over a set of less than $50 and that is tied to a drug deal. >> last night they joined local physicians at st. mary's medical center. they are trying to build on soda and other sugary drinks saying it is a great way to fight diabetes. >> when you have a drink like these sodas that are so cheap and provides so much sugar and it is providing type two
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diabetes, it is our responsibility to take action. >> the tax is expected to bring in health and physical education programs. the beverage industry is calling it unnecessary and is already estimated 500,000 to defeat it. today is the first day california students will be taking the new assessment tests part of the core standards. they will be clicking on keyboards instead of filling in circles on paper. starting next year scores will coup and students at dover elementary will be among the first to try it out. >> they enjoy using it an associate it with what is intuitive to students. it is much more intuitive than a pencil test. >> they will be running it over the next two weeks and they require them to move the
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testing by june 6th. coming up in our 5:00 hour, breaking news out of fremont, a deadly crash involving a motorcyclist and driver, road closures are still underway. >> people are told to stay inside their homes for hours. a role a smart phone played during a major standoff, we will explain. highway 2 had getting -- 24 getting up to the tunnel, we will tell you more about this commute and the bay bridge. we are starting off with clear skies and rain is on the way, we will give you the timing coming up.
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. we are learning more details, we will tell you how it will affect the morning commute and how attackco bell employee possibly saved the day. live on the peninsular where police are searching for a pair of burglars. the piece of evidence they hope willhe track the suspects down. a big change is on the way, the leading edge is on the way
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and we will give you the timing on all of it coming in. an investigation the demands they made during an intense protest, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is in fremont, a horrible accident, you can see quite a scene out there this morning. we are getting some new information about someone who came to the rescue there and help had out after this crash but tara moriarty is out there getting more information but then again you can see it is a very big area of an intersection that is completely closed off in fremont. we will take you back out there, it is march 5th,


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